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What is Mobile First Web Design.
This Website is an example of Mobile First Web Design. The ability to show only what content you want the user to see on smaller smart devices.

This very short video will give you an example
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Mobile friendly websites for smart devices.

Web Design changes all the time how we view our content our favorite sites.
We well know changes happen in all creative areas, and web design is no different. In this era of faster, smaller, better. These changes which  (for the most part) in technology sectors, edges us forward, for the better.

The internet is a unique example it is constantly changing just like the big players. Such as Twitter and Facebook are ever evolving, so too are websites, how they are delivered, how we access and interact with them.

Explained in simple terms, this means we display only the most relevant content of your site to the smart devices the visitors use to access your services. So the user can reach the most relevant content fast. You may not want to display all of the content you have on your desktop version, as it may bombard, or not show the most relevant content that you want the end user to see first.

An example of this can be seen on our about page, view this page on a smart device and then a desktop. Notice how we don't show all the content from the desktop version.

That is where our experience comes in building your business online. Giving it a presence and relevance. We do this through the display and user-friendly experience.

More businesses adopt the mobile-first approach.
As the name suggests, mobile devices first is the process of showing content for devices such as smart phones tablets android and ios platforms first, then working up to the bigger displays such as laptops and desktops.

The mobile first approach design has been around for a few years now but has not readily been implemented. This is standard practice here at our site. Mobile phones are now officially the primary devices used for browsing and searching the internet. More companies are realizing the importance of having a site that effectively delivers content on a smaller screen. No longer is there a need to have two separate sites delivering the same end result. This is where we primarily focus our expertise. Those that have not or did not are being left behind, which is hindering there companies brands businesses and trades. This has a direct effect on online web presence.

Content is designed to fit on mobile and smaller screened devices first, then you work up towards larger screened devices such as tablets laptops and desktops.

Great visuals aside, the mobile model and the restrictions it brings is a very useful way for you to really consider what the core content and messages are that your business or expertise want to communicate to the consumer.

Smartphones come with smaller screens than tablets and desktops, which limit the amount of content a user can view at once. This forces brands and individuals to cut down on any information or content which isn’t necessary, allowing them to add it in at any time, along with the additional visual Web Design, for users as they switch up to larger screened devices.

Here you can find everything you need to know about starting an online website business. See what costs are involved and needed in owning a website.

Our prediction: Mobile-first design isn’t a phrase or term new to the average online user. We will see more sites over the coming years take more priority to deliver their content to smaller screens, smartphones, and devices. Eventually leading the way to search for content on the web by voice command. This will lead to the desktop eventually becoming a thing of the past just like the first mobile phones. 
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